An Important Decision

In 1995, I spent a holiday for 3 weeks in the south of Portugal with my parents. During that time, I met a British woman who worked in tourism and was married to a Portuguese man. We often talked about her experiences in a new country. I slowly became thrilled by the idea of living and working in a warm and sunny country and after 2 weeks and a half, I actually noticed that I didn’t want to return to Belgium anymore. But when I discussed my dream with my parents, their reaction was so intense that I thought that World War III had broken out…

Disappointed, I returned to a somber, cold and wet Belgium, immersing myself in one (boring) job after another. I also gave in to my movie addiction and started writing for a movie magazine. Because my parents had been so furious with me, I never spoke about my dream again, not even to my boyfriend or closest friends.

But that doesn’t mean that the dream disappeared… And somehow, and certainly, when the years passed, I had the feeling that Belgium was not my home anymore…

Fast forward to January 2018… I had depression again forcing me to leave my job where I had been severely bullied anyway. And when after 5 weeks in the hospital, where I was diagnosed with an incurable disorder, I started thinking. I had a close look at my CV which had more holes in it than an Emmertaler cheese… That’s when I realized that I had no more future in Belgium. At least, not on a professional level.

Less than 6 months later my travel buddy and I moved to Spain.


Torrox had become our new hometown.

As you can see on the map, Torrox is located in the Costa del Sol. The municipality is divided into 2 locations: Torrox Costa at the sea and Torrox Pueblo, which is 4km inland. You can see them on the map when you zoom in. To be more precise, the center of Torrox Pueblo was now our new hometown.

We soon discovered that a lot of expats call Costa their home as well. On the one hand, this proved to be an advantage; we could ask a lot of advice and questions in English and/or German, which facilitated our transition to a new country (and administration). But, on the other hand, you don’t get a taste of real Spanish life.


Anyway, the biggest charm of Torrox (especially the Pueblo) is that it’s one of the famous white villages. Have a look at the next pictures!

Our house at the left

Our house had an enormous roof terrace where we spent a lot of time. Especially in the evenings, when we had a BBQ and saw the sun go down.

The central square

If you ever visit Torrox, take some time to walk in some of the many alleys. Make sure that you have a map from the local tourist information office though!

What about you? Would you be able to leave your home country? On Monday, I will publish the second part about Torrox and life as an expat in Spain.

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