Pros and Cons

Lars and I have been in Spain for almost 20 months now, so obviously we have a good view of the good and bad sides of our new life now. Let’s have a look.


  • The climate (which was – as you can imagine – one of the main reasons we came here).
  • A cheaper way of life (for example we spend 30 to 50% less money on grocery shopping).
  • Free healthcare.
  • The relaxed attitude of the locals.
  • Huge variety of landscapes. This country is a paradise for landscape photographers such as myself.
  • The food! Especially the free tapas in and around Granada.


  • Administration can be slow and complicated (even the Spanish complain about this). Luckily you don’t have to deal with this every day…
  • Banks: more expensive and client service – and I’m really sorry to say this – sucks.
  • In general, water and electricity are more expensive.

As you can see, the pros outnumber the cons. I am very happy to be living here; ever since I came to Spain, I have not been physically ill and on a mental level I feel better as well. In conclusion: I have no desire whatsoever to return to Belgium. Actually, I don’t think I would get used to living there again. And the Traveling Viking shares the same opinion.

The Big Mistake We Made in the Beginning

When we had just arrived in Torrox, Lars and I saw our life as one endless holiday. Painful was the moment when we had a look at our bank account one day and realized that our finances didn’t allow for such a lifestyle. So, after a couple of months, we actually realized that we live here now. Let’s face it: in Brussels, we didn’t go to a restaurant on a daily basis either.

Splashes of Color Everywhere!

Belgium could be so gray… But Torrox – or Spain for that matter – is so colorful!

Odd Thoughts

  • When you have lived in a big city where you take the tram and/or metro on a daily basis, it is strange to live in a small town where the only means of public transport is the bus.
  • The Spanish can be so loud, yet when it’s time for their siesta, there is dead silence everywhere…
  • I still can’t get used to the presence of orange trees in the streets!

And Then…

We had to leave Torrox. The house in which we lived had serious humidity problems and we had no choice but to look for another place. Read about our new home later this week on our other travel website, The Cosy Traveler.


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