Before the summer of 2018, Lars had never been to Portugal, whereas I had visited the country at least 5 times when I was still a teenager. And since it has always been one of my favorite destinations and we were now living in Spain, it was about time to introduce my travel buddy to this beautiful country.

Cacela Velha

One of the first towns you can visit when you cross the Spanish – Portuguese border. It has a magnificent beach.


A charming fishing-town in the Algarve. Looking for lunch. But first a walk to the beautiful local church.

Grilled Swordfish

Food is one of the reasons why I love Portugal so much. I will soon write an in-depth article about local food.

The Cathedral of Silves

One of the prettiest villages in the Algarve has a beautiful cathedral. And a medieval festival in summer.

Cabo de São Vicente

If you like dramatic landscapes, this is the place to be: the most southwestern corner of Europe.

Surfing Beaches

Lots of surfing spots, for all levels. This is Carrapateira.


The Foia is the highest mountain in the Algarve. When it’s not cloudy or misty, you have a beautiful view of a huge part of the Algarve.


And why not visit a spa-town? The hot springs (Caldas de Monchique) are located 6 km from this charming town.


Go inland, in the region of the Estremadura and discover quaint towns like Estremoz.


Oh yes, Portugal has got some excellent wines! This is the wine-house, Herdade das Servas, not far from Estremoz.

Soon I will discuss some of these locations in detail, so keep an eye on this website! On Thursday, I will return with an article about one of Europe’s most famous rivers.

Here are the locations of today:


  1. Dear Ingrid it was so cool to read your impressions and see your photos about my country 🙂 i am from Lisbon but every year i visit Algarve region to enjoy the local beaches 🙂 happy travels and read you soon! Greetings, PedroL


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