Let’s talk about location first: the Costa Tropical is the coastal region of the province of Granada (Andalucia, Spain), between the Costa del Sol (province of Malaga) and the Costa de Almeria (province of Almeria). Or a bit more precisely, between Almuñecar and La Rabita.

Because of the proximity of the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, the Costa Tropical has less big resort towns than the Costa del Sol, for example. The biggest places in this area are Motril, Almuñecar, and Salobreña. The rest of this Costa consists mainly of smaller towns and villages and is, therefore, less crowded and certainly more picturesque.

By the way, because of the presence of the majestic Sierra Nevada which captures precipitation, this area is less dry and is home to a lot more vegetation, including tropical fruits, hence the name. It is also – but to a lesser extent – known as the Costa de Granada or Costa Granadina.

Playa de Cotobro

Almuñecar is home to several beaches and this is the most beautiful one. It’s located in the west of the town.


This is one of the smaller coastal resorts, Calahonda. It belongs to the municipality of Motril.

Castillo de Baños

So small, and oh so picturesque!

Grilled Sardines!

Simple but delicious: fresh sardines and a big mixed salad…

La Herradura

One of my favourite areas is La Herradura with its pristine beaches and spectacular cliffs.

La Rabita

In the east of the Costa Tropical, you can get lost in the narrow and steep streets of La Rabita.


Motril is one of the biggest towns at the Costa Tropical, but it does have its quiet corners like this nature reserve, which we will discuss more in detail soon.

Have you ever been to the Costa Tropical? Or do you plan on going there?


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