Just like every Spanish resident, my travel mate and I spend almost all of our time at home now… Rumors are spreading since this morning that the lockdown could take longer than 2 weeks, but we still have more than enough material to keep you entertained! Besides, temperatures have gone down anyway and it’s raining, not exactly the ideal weather for excursions nor trips.

Today, we take you back to Belgium. Our visit to Trainworld was actually one of the last excursions we made there before leaving for Spain. Join us on a trip to the past, present, and future of the Belgian railways!

The museum is located in the train station of Schaarbeek, very close to Brussels. You can reach it by train (obviously) or tram (which very conveniently goes right to the center of the Belgian capital).

Enter the big hall and admire the first steam-trains! You can even climb in them.

The exhibition allows you to follow the history of locomotions, carriages, and railways from the very beginning to the present day.

There is also a replica of a railway cottage from 1958.

By the way, the biggest group in Belgium that uses the train are the commuters. And when the weather is fine during weekends and holidays, we also travel by train, usually to the coast!

Let’s face it: people used to travel in style in the past…

And international train travel looked cozy as well! Fancy a sandwich with ham or cheese?

Obviously, if you are not into trains, this is certainly not the museum for you! But if you are, you will at least have half a day of (educational) fun and lots of photography opportunities. Check out their website for more information. Because of COVID-19, the museum is currently closed. Let’s hope the lockdown ends soon!

Later this week, we will treat you to a very special trip in Romania. To be honest, this is one of our favourite travel experiences and we hope you will enjoy the fascinating history and stunning locations of this country. I will also introduce something completely new as well, also on our movie website.


  1. Exactly been there ,Schaarbeek;but not the museum… stay safe best of luck I am getting photos from family and friends there and some people are not following the rules of staying away. THe death toll is going up; be safe stay inside. Cheers

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  2. I started following your blog since when I lived in Brussels, I loved discovering the city through your photos and posts. So happy to see a bit of Belgium again!

    Liked by 1 person

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