One thing I have learned this week is that a lockdown in one country can be different from one in another country. So, how do a Belgian blogger/photographer and a Danish traveler in Spain experience these exceptional times? First, I will give you some general information and then our personal observations.

In a Nutshell

  • most things are closed except for things like supermarkets, pharmacies, and petrol stations
  • retail shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants are closed but some will deliver
  • you are requested not to leave your home unless necessarily: doctor’s visit, pharmacy, food shopping
  • you must travel alone in a vehicle except in extreme circumstances
  • you mustn’t walk your dogs far from your home and must walk alone
  • beaches, parks, and playgrounds are closed
  • you are not allowed to go out just for exercise or fresh air
  • you can go to work if you absolutely can not work from home
  • when entering a supermarket you may be obliged to wear gloves
  • in queues, you must keep at least 1 metre distance from other people
  • hefty fines may be handed if you are caught breaking the rules

(source: Euro Weekly Newspaper –

Additional Details

  • in the beginning, hairdressers were allowed to work as well, which led to a lot of jokes in Spanish (social) media.
  • yes, all schools and universities are closed as well.
  • the rule is very clear: 1 person per car! Any person wanting to accompany the driver must have a written justification and has to sit on the backseat!
  • fines are indeed hefty, ranging from a couple of hundreds of euros to thousands.
  • police and even the military are checking the streets, making sure everybody follows the rules.
  • supermarkets have adjusted their opening hours and do indeed hand out gloves. Some give priority to the elderly and the disabled.
  • streets are being disinfected.
  • hoarders seem to have become a necessary plague…
  • airports, hotels, hostels, camping places, … are now closing as well.

What about us?

  • first of all, we are doing well! Lars and I are a bit anxious about this virus, but we manage to keep ourselves busy.
  • obviously, trips and excursions are out of the question. Don’t worry, we still have a lot of travel stories for this website!
  • the hoarders… It’s hard to find meat, anything related to tomato sauce, milk, toilet paper, and… coconut milk?!? So, I make my curries with cream and this evening, it will be couscous with… hamburgers!
  • Lars has to go shopping alone, while I have to make do with sitting on our balcony. By the way, instead of planning our excursions, we discuss whether we should put the garbage outside alone or not and whether or not we are allowed to have a BBQ on our balcony…
  • my Spanish friends and I stay in touch via WhatsApp and Messenger. Most of them miss going to their tapas bar! Here in Iznalloz, bars were the last places to close down actually.
  • to be honest, I miss tapas bars as well…
I dream about this…

And Finally…

Some videos that caught our attention.

This is what it looks like: Spain in a lockdown…

Let’s hope they keep on doing this! We need this!

No comment…

Yes, I am not quite sure what to think about this…

Anyway, maybe Lars and I will make some videos as well the coming week… I am not sure when I will publish my next diary, it depends on how everything evolves here. In the meantime: stay safe and stay home!


  1. It sounds very strict in Spain but with good reason. After the pubs were ordered shut for the first time ever, it can’t be long before we go into more stringent lockdown here in the UK. Some people just aren’t following the guidance. Stay safe and occupied – this is a good chance to blog!


  2. Stay safe and strong 💪 here Alberta we also have measures we can still go outside to parks with social/physical distancing…but we don’t have the tapas culture as I remember from Spain but we cook and can still see humans in small groups…but I’m wondering when that might change as well…many unknowns 🤔🤓 sending peace and joy ~ Hedy 🙋‍♀️


  3. Spain had been hard hit esp Madrid. Priority given to those with chance of living sad but this is a health war. Stay safe plenty to write about later.


  4. Not in lockdown here, but it may well come. I don’t fancy being confronted by police on the street 😦 I would really miss walking. Me and Mick wandered a few country tracks this afternoon. Didn’t pass anyone till we got to the riverside. Everywhere seriously quiet. Poor businesses! Stay safe, Ingrid! 🙂


  5. I’ve just read the article and caught myself thinking that it’s really a special time now because the whole world acts the same and follows the same rules. We obey the rules here in Russia as well. And of course, despite the fact, the situation isn’t pleasant at all, there’re some positive points in it for sure! We stand united. Read each other’s blogs and news and hope everyone’s safe and sound! Decided to leave my thoughts here!
    Take care! 🙌


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