If you are unfamiliar with this website and its author, allow me to introduce myself! I am a Belgian writer, blogger, and photographer, currently living in Spain with my Danish travel buddy, Lars. On this website, I publish old and new travel memories, from all over Europe, mainly about off the beaten path destinations. And after 10 years of traveling, we have a lot to share with you.

Anyway, Spain takes the lockdown very seriously and you can hardly blame them, given the high number of contaminated people (more than 100.000 now). We are in our 3rd week of lockdown now and since the beginning of the isolation, I have not been outside, apart from being on the terrace of our apartment. If you want to know how we experience all this, have a look at our Lockdown Diary – Part 1 and Part 2.

Although Lars and I can keep ourselves busy, we, of course, miss traveling! Before the lockdown, we had started exploring the province of Granada, which has a lot more to offer than its famous capital. One of the places that we have discovered is this lake.

I think this place beautifully represents the wide-open space Ben Huberman talks about in his prompt of today. Lars and I used to come here regularly, mainly because the lake changes during different moments of the day, weather conditions, and seasons. Anyway, the reason why we haven’t published anything about it, is very simple. We still need to explore and photograph two small towns around the lake. Once we have done that, we will write about it!


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