In June 2018, Lars and I left Belgium, moved to Spain and settled in Torrox at the Costa del Sol, about 5 kilometers from the coast. A month after our arrival, when we had become used to living in our new home country, we started to explore the province of Malaga (where we lived). And one of the most beautiful places that we discovered was Comares.

According to

One of the highest white villages in Andalucía at 739 metres above sea level, Comares can be spied for miles around, rising high above the surrounding countryside and resembling a natural extension to the craggy rock face. First time visitors may still find the approach baffling in the fact that the village keeps disappearing from view as the windy country roads dip and curve. It has a population of about 1.500.

Most tourists who come here stick to the main plaza, which is quite small and indeed incredibly charming. There is of course at least one tapas bar; most people have a beer at the biggest one and choose a tapa at the counter. They then have a look at the mirador, that offers stunning views. And after having taken some pictures, most tourists leave again, to their hotel on the coast.

And that is really a shame, because the real charm of Comares is in the town itself, in the labyrinth of narrow streets. Luckily for you, Lars and I tend to be very curious… So, after the obligatory drink, tapa and pictures, we did venture into those alleys. Like this one.

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