Let’s start with the facts: here in Spain, more than 100.000 people have now been contaminated, but the number of people making a full recovery has increased as well. Yet, there are rumors that another extension of the lockdown is coming…

Anyway, on a physical level, we are still doing okay, no symptoms whatsoever. And on a mental level, we still have our ups and downs. On the one hand, we can keep ourselves busy. Lars has his music, books, and movies, whereas I have a lot of writing and photography projects going on. I actually have started writing for a movie magazine, I am pitching articles for other publications and websites and I have at least one photography project going on at Instagram.

But I am not going to lie, being confined sometimes leads us to have quarrels. Anyone else has the same problem? We can sometimes have an argument about the smallest things! Probably this will disappear as soon as the lockdown is over…

Yesterday, we were actually able to go outside together; Lars and I had to go to the Centro de Salud for some prescriptions. It was quite a surreal experience: people wearing mouth masks and/or gloves everywhere, waiting in line at the entrance of shops and supermarkets, closed bars,… It felt a bit like being in a zombie movie… On the other hand, we didn’t see any police nor military on the streets. And we saw people chatting with each other in public, without any social distancing whatsoever.

Some other observations:

  • Things we will also do when this whole thing is over: have a BBQ, buy Belgian beer.
  • In one of our local supermarkets, they actually allow couples to do grocery shopping together. If such is still the case, we will take advantage of that this afternoon!
  • I feel like Miss Daisy when I sit on the backseat of the car.
  • It has become better, but the hoarding still goes on…
  • My hair has become so long that when I am outside the wind blows it in my face! I usually don’t like having a haircut, but next time it will feel really good.

By the way, if you are a hoarder, I have this to say to you:

Dear hoarder,

You are a stupid and selfish person. May you end up in a prison like the one in The Platform. For at least 6 months.

Thanks for your attention.

P.S. Please stop buying all the coconut milk!

Rant over.

Check out my Instagram for some lockdown pictures.

Tapas, I love you and I miss you…

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