Let’s have a look at the numbers first: more than 150.000 people contaminated, but the number of recoveries keeps on rising. Another sad number: more than 1 million people have lost their job ever since the lockdown began. Anyway, the lockdown will now last until 26 April.

This week must have been a very difficult one for the Spaniards. Holy Week (Semana Santa) is one of the most important religious events here and not being able to celebrate this with your family must be very hard. On the other hand, if you did get caught traveling, the fines were very hefty; you could even end up in prison for 18 months.

What about us? We are doing fine, both mentally and physically. It helps that there is more sunshine, which allows us to sit on our big terrace. It’s nice to hear our neighbors cooking and their children playing or some cheerful music coming from one of the other apartments. Maybe these are just minor details, but they help you through the day.

Whereas my travel buddy keeps himself busy with his music and books, I am bursting with creativity. I have my blogs, there is the WordPress Discover Prompts, I am following something similar for photography on Instagram, I have started writing for another movie website and soon also for a gastronomy site. Moreover, I am also pitching articles for other websites and (online) magazines and finally, I am following a couple of free online courses to become a better blogger.

The thing that actually keeps me going is discipline. I set myself a couple of writing and photography goals every (week)day and I put them in a to-do list. A website that is very helpful with this is todoist.com; it’s free, although there are paid options, you can do without them. I have been using it for some months now, but more intensely ever since the lockdown started. Those of you who know me personally know that routine is very important to me, and this website is an absolute gem!

Some observations:

  • Some supermarkets and shops here allowed more than 1 person per family to do their grocery shopping since last weekend and I took advantage of this twice. It felt good to be outside again! On Wednesday, the fun was over. The government was afraid that too many people would resort to impulse buying for the Easter celebrations and took stricter measures. And the police made sure that you followed them…
  • The hoarding seems to be over. You can clearly see fewer empty shelves in the shops!
  • And… coconut milk is back! Does this mean that the Spaniards don’t like curries anymore? And I found soy sauce and teriyaki sauce as well; so I made a nice piece of salmon marinated in teriyaki sauce last Friday.
  • My hair has decided to grow even faster than usual, so I now look exactly like the girl from Hair Love.
  • I now have 3 really good online buddies: YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime 🙂

And… if there is anything I want to bite, it’s this:

Tortilla with potatoes, one of my favorite tapas ever.


  1. I appreciate your self discipline very much because it’s something I’m short on. I love writing but keeping up with responses is so time consuming. I’m making an effort because of the situation and helping with morale, but there are things I’d be better doing. 🙂 🙂


  2. From my perspective, there has been elements of hysteria going on. But, I think it’s mainly because some people really need to be hit over the head before they take things seriously. Of course, that means the rest of us have to suffer some of these excesses. But, if there was ever a time to quote the overly quoted Bible – which I’m generally loathe to do – I say: “This too shall pass!” — YUR


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