A new week, a new country! This time, I’ll take you to Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor is located in the southwest of the country and is home to picturesque villages, magnificent sceneries, monasteries and lots of Catholic and Orthodox churches. Lars and I spent one day in the bay; it was actually our goal to explore the towns of Kotor and Perast. But we ended up on a beautiful beach instead…

This is the view that we had on the beach.

There was a restaurant nearby where we bought delicious tuna sandwiches. That’s actually it: we worked on our tan, swam, admired the stunning views and ate. A lot.

In the evening, we had dinner in the same waterside restaurant. What a romantic setting!

Whenever we are abroad, we always eat local food. This was our starter.

Local wine and grilled fish for our main dish.

While we enjoyed a brandy, nature treated us to this.

Do we regret not having explored the surroundings? A little bit. But that is, of course, the perfect reason to go back!

Anyway, on Wednesday, we start with a new series about our experiences as expats, whereas on Friday, we take you to Germany.


  1. With only a day I couldn’t stay by a beach. Kotor looks fabulous and I would love the opportunity to explore. But then, the name says it all…. 🙂 🙂


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