Changes are coming… Granted, the exit from this lockdown will be a slow one. From today on, we are allowed to go for a walk, 1 hour every day, not further than 1 kilometer from home. There are timeslots we have to respect as well. Lars and I can go for a walk between 6 and 10am or between 8 and 11pm. Since we are not morning people, it will be a sunset walk.

Since I have rarely been outside the apartment for the last 7-8 weeks, I welcome these small changes. Right now, the battery of my camera is charging. On Tuesday, I await the delivery of a new card reader. The old one stopped working very suddenly at the beginning of the lockdown. And since the manufacturer doesn’t provide any new drivers, I was forced to buy a new one. I still have dozens of pictures on my camera and soon, I will be able to share them with you! Look out for a new category called “Snaps” coming before long.

But it’s not because Lars and I can go for a walk from now on, that we can also do some grocery shopping together. And that hits me a lot harder than I had expected. I actually miss it a lot more than our excursions and travels. But I keep on focusing on the positive. The hours on our huge terrace. Being able to go for a walk. My writing. My photography.

I have been doing some thinking this week and I have taken a decision. I am going to stop with The Cosy Traveler. It just didn’t – and doesn’t – feel right. I started to lose my motivation. Anyway, from now on, all my attention will go to this site, What Ingrid Watches (with links to my reviews on MovieBabble) and photography experiments. These 3 projects will keep me more than busy. And that’s exactly what I need!

If you are into movies, do check out! Not just because of my reviews (!), but also because the other writers are really talented. Anyway, I have 2 new projects coming up there. The first one concerns YouTube, home to some fascinating short horror movies. At least once a month, I will recommend 5 of them. For the second project, I will write about some of the gems I find on TubiTv (one or two times a month as well).

We will be back here on Monday with a very special location in the Belgian capital! Later this weekend, you can read my analysis of The Human Centipede, which came out 10 years ago. Check it out here!


  1. I really struggle shopping with my husband. He irritates the hell out of me and I’m much better on my own, but lockdown shopping I have found very difficult. I just want to get the stuff and get out as fast as I can. I would hate to be a store assistant in these times. When will it feel normal again, I wonder?


    1. Lars has the tendency to buy the most expensive things in a supermarket instead of comparing prices. And if I don’t put any fruit or vegetables on the list, he will return without them. Anyway, here in Spain, they refer to the post-lockdown period as the new normal. I wonder what that entails…


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