Back to France! This time we take you to the north of the country, to a coastal region of 120 kilometers long, between the French-Belgian border and the border with Picardy. It’s a landscape characterized by cliffs, beaches, dunes, and swamps. Moreover, you can eat in one of the many restaurants along the coast, stay in a cute B&B in a small village, or learn something about the local history in one of the many war museums.

You can easily explore this area in a day. There are a couple of bigger cities such as Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer. But we prefer to photograph smaller places such as Blériot-Plage.

The name of this place refers to Louis Blériot who, in 1909, was the first to cross the English Channel by plane.

You can keep on driving along the coastal road. After some time you will reach Cap Blanc Nez, a cliff of 132 meters high, consisting of white chalk. On a clear day, you can see the English coastal line, with the White Cliffs of Dover. We didn’t have such luck…

In between the Cap Blanc Nez and the other cliff, Cap Gris Nez, there are smaller picturesque towns and villages.

We kept on going southwest. The Cap Gris Nez is smaller: it only reaches 50 meters. Because of its proximity to England, it was a strategic location during World War II.

We kept on going south, passing beautiful holiday homes near the sea.

Our last stop was in the coastal town of Wimereux.

For our next post, we will take you to the Czech Republic.

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