The first time I traveled to Denmark, Lars showed me this beautiful spot. Møns refers to the name of the island, Møn, whereas Klint means cliff. Given the fact that Denmark is quite flat, these cliffs are quite impressive.

Møns Klint is not one cliff: it’s a 6 kilometer stretch of chalk cliffs, some of which are more than 120 meters high. These belong to some of the highest points of the country.

The cliffs are easy to find because there are many road signs to them. Once you arrive there, more than 100 steps await you to take you to the top. It’s a bit of an exercise, but you will be rewarded with stunning views! Even when the weather isn’t so nice…

If you are in really good physical condition, you can take about 500 steps down to go to the beach – and back up!

Right next to the cliffs is GeoCenter, a museum devoted to natural history and especially the geological history of Denmark. We didn’t visit it, but you can check its website.

Tomorrow we are back with a post about our transition to Phase 1 here in the province of Granada and its impact on travelers. Hasta luego!


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