Lars and I were only in the Polish capital for 2 days and we knew that it was better to concentrate on one theme instead of running around aimlessly. The very first day, we went to the closest tourist information office possible.

We chose the places that appealed the most to us. To be honest, we were inspired by the movie “The Pianist”.


As the brochure says:

The Umschlagplatz monument is located in the place where in 1942 Jews were transported to the Treblinka extermination camp. The shape resembles the walls of the ghetto and a railway wagon, and more than four hundred names of victims are engraved on the walls. Walk from the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes to Umschlagplatz along the Memorial Route of the Martyrdom and Struggle of Jews and pay attention to the commemorative stones depicting the history of the most important figures of the Warsaw ghetto. (website of Tourist Infomation Office)

The Jewisch Cemetery

The ultimate place of peace and rest…

This historic place of rest contains beautiful tombstones and traditional matzevot. Many eminent persons are buried there, among them the founder of the Esperanto language Ludwik Zamenhof and the writer Ischok Leib Perec. Visit the symbolic grave of Janusz Korczak, the protector of children who during the World War II was murdered in Treblinka along with the children in his care in a gas chamber. (website of Tourist Infomation Office)

Monument to the Ghetto Heroes

The monument was created shortly after the World War II to commemorate those who fought and died in the Warsaw ghetto. It was at this monument in 1970 that the German Chancellor Willy Brandt knelt in apology for the crimes committed by the Third Reich. (website of Tourist Infomation Office)

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Stay safe and see you later this week!


  1. Thank you for showing these places generally less present on travel sites because they are linked to painful moments of the past. It is however important to remember them as it will help not to reproduce them.


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