The dam of the Cubillas is located between the Sierra Arana (which is right next to where we live), the Sierra Elvira and the Colomera (a mountain). The reservoir got its name from the main river, the Cubillas.

Some numbers:

  • Length: 2300m.
  • Width: 800m.
  • Depth: 20m.
  • Year of construction: 1956.
  • Surface: 194ha.

The reservoir is home to olive trees, pine forests, eucalyptus, wild rose bushes, and blackberries. It’s possible to do some birdwatching and fishing as well, although the water tends to be cloudy.

There are more than enough sports facilities to keep you busy such as windsurfing, canoeing, jet and water skiing, and sailing.

Most people come here for a stroll, or picnic on the grass, lunch, or dinner at one of the waterside restaurants. Or just to cool off.

When I took these pictures, it was the beginning of March. I thought I would have time enough to visit the other side of the reservoir and photograph there. But then the you-know-what virus interfered… Last Friday, I finally had my opportunity.

In a couple of days, we will take you to another corner of Europe! Stay safe!


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