Olive oil. Fruits. Fish. Vegetables. And seafood. These are the main ingredients used in cooking in the south of Albania.

In the summer of 2013, Lars and I found ourselves in Sarandë:

We were there for a week, soaking up a lot of sun, swimming, exploring natural and historical sights. And eating and drinking… a lot. We rented an apartment and ate out every evening. The food was not expensive at all and seemed to have borrowed influences from its two main neighbors: Italy and Greece.

I had found publicity for a restaurant, but I was unaware that it was located on top of a hotel with 6 or 7 floors. Only accessible with a glass exterior elevator. And Lars and I both suffer from vertigo!

But we made it. And luckily we did. I mean, look at those views!

Let’s eat!

Pasta with fresh seafood and fish, tomatoes and flat-leaf parsley
Beef with fruit and yoghurt

Simple + fresh = spectacular! Just like the sunset…

No meal is complete without a digestive…

We had to come back a second time… Lamb on the menu.

A bit of lounging afterwards, looking at another beautiful sunset…

Unfortunately, we can’t remember the name of the hotel nor the name of the restaurant. We did some very extensive research but to no avail… But it gives you an idea of what awaits you when you eat out in Albania.

We have a special weekend coming up! And a post about a spectacular mountain drive!

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