We in Iznalloz are surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Just have a look:

But these are the most beautiful…

Let’s come a bit closer…

Lars and I wanted to drive through that beautiful landscape (if possible at least)… We had previously done so in Italy with the Stelvio Pass and in Romania with the Transfăgărășan. Anyway, one of our local supermarkets is located on the Carretera de la Sierra. That sounded like a good start. We kept on following this road for some kilometers until we saw a sign that said Barranco de Los Diablos. A road led to the right and we decided to drive on that one. We had absolutely no idea where this road would take us…

We had actually arrived at the Sierra Arana, a mountain range in the heart of the province of Granada. Some numbers:

  • Maximum height: 2027 meters (Peña de la Cruz).
  • Length: 28 kilometers.
  • Width: from 5 to 7 kilometers.

As we progressed, the dirt road became in a really bad state! And it changed color as well: from white to red. Lars and I didn’t know what to do at certain moments. If we continued, we were not sure where we would end up and if we made a U-turn, God knows what we could have missed. Anyway, we didn’t give up, we continued! And then these fellows greeted us!

We had reached Deifontes!

The second time we were there, we ignored the Barranco de Los Diablos sign and continued until El Sotillo. What a nice place to do some hiking! This was actually one of the last days before the lockdown started.

The third time we were there, we made a video. You can also find it on YouTube. You can see it was a bumpy ride.

And during our last time in the sierra, we slightly changed our itinerary near the end. Just before reaching Deifontes, we saw a dirt road going to the left. So, we tried that one!

I soon got out of the car to take pictures and stumbled upon this:

Crime scene? Gathering of nudists?

And then I discovered this…

We kept on exploring… There are caves in this area, but the road was simply too bad.

The first town we reached was not Deifontes this time, but Cogollos de la Vega (a lot more to the southeast):

All in all, we loved these excursions! Such magnificent landscapes! And there is more to come…


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