Lars and I have been living in Inalloz since the end of February. Now, you will not find our small town in any travel guide. But that doesn’t mean that it has nothing to offer. But first, where exactly are we located?

We are to the north of Granada, about 25 minutes away by car. There are bus and train services (to Granada) as well.

Before the lockdown started, we had already explored part of the surroundings, like the Cubillas Reservoir, where you can cool down during the hot days. And the Sierra Arana where you can go for an adventurous drive or hike. Besides, during the lockdown, there wasn’t any possibility to do some exploring, except for a stroll in the surrounding streets.

Now that the lockdown is gradually being lifted, we are finally able to explore our new hometown. (And a lot more, of course!). Like its parish church, dating from the 16th century and a fine example of Renaissance architecture.

It requires a bit of skill to drive to the church, with all the steep narrow streets leading to and away from it!

There is also a bridge dating from the 2nd century. To be honest, we knew about its existence, but we discovered it by coincidence.

This Roman bridge is actually a picturesque corner of our town. Some locals drive through this neighborhood however at an incredible speed.

Iznalloz has between 5.000 and 5.500 inhabitants, so it’s quite small. Yet, there are a lot of bars and restaurants here. The main street is the Calle Ganivet, home to La Taberna, where we have already spent some agreeable hours. Contrary to most of the bars of Churriana de la Vega, it’s the establishment itself that chooses the tapas for you. Some examples:

These were stuffed with fish!

Two types of hamburgers, one with pork (with tomato sauce) and the other one with beef. I think the pork here is of better quality than in Belgium.

Crispy and cheesy
Fried squid, a specialty from the north of Spain.
The “croquetas” can be stuffed with ham and/or cheese and with fish
More pork
Meatballs, my big favorite!

To be continued…

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