Imagine it’s the month of February. The first signs of Spring are in the air. You feel an irresistible longing to be outside. So you decide to go picnicking, at a lake.

Although we were both wearing a sweater, we could easily have done with a T-shirt. There were other people around, which is the case in any season…

This is our favorite place because you can come here for a nice walk or hike, a swim and there are restaurants around! What more do you want?


This is the Embalse de Bermejales, or the Bermejales Reservoir. The dam itself dates from 1958 and the lake (or reservoir) is about five square kilometers big. It’s one of the 5 reservoirs in the province of Granada where it is allowed to swim.


Best program your GPS on Pantano de los Bermejales.

It’s a small village. When you enter the center, you will see a restaurant at your right. On your other side, there are signs leading toward a camping place with the same name as the reservoir. Now you are very close at the lake. Here you can do some serious exploring and photographing.

The camping place has a good reputation and reasonable prices. There are a bar-restaurant and a small store.

The lake itself does not have a lifeguard, not even during the summer season. And you will have to share the water with all kinds of fish and water snakes. On the other hand, there is an array of water activities to choose from. The water is quite warm, like a bath.

Autumn: At the Dam

Lars and I visited the place again last autumn. This time, we explored the area near the dam.

Spring Again: The Other Side

In the month of May of this year, we were back, this time photographing the other side of the reservoir, opposite the camping place.

First up, the village of Fornes: lots of white houses and many narrow and steep streets. About 550 inhabitants, so quite small.

Then, some more beautiful waterscapes…

Arenas del Rey is slightly bigger and has a population of 1200 inhabitants. It is more picturesque as well.

On this map you find the principal places I talked about. Granada is about an hour to the east.


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