There is a reservoir in the province of Granada that is so big that locals call it an interior sea: the Embalse de Negratin.

We explored this region in 2 days.

A part of the reservoir belongs to the municipality of Freila. You can program your GPS to this place; as soon as you approach it, there are roadsigns to the reservoir (Embalse de Negratin). The following scenery awaits you.

The beauty of this place is due to the turquoise color of the water and the surrounding desert-like canyons.

You can also approach the reservoir via the small town of Zújar. The main road that takes you there is also the one that leads you to the Embalse. And then you see this:

The mountain is called Jabalcón and is almost 1500 meters high. The nearest big town is Baza (a region we still have to explore). Anyway, a couple of kilometers further, we found a spot closer to the water, where we could park the car. And photograph…

Next, we programmed the GPS for a town on the other side of the reservoir, Cuevas del Campo. But first some pictures of the dam.

As you can see, there are water sports facilities here and not far from Freila as well. And there is a camping place some kilometers from Zújar, very close to the water.

But the fun doesn’t stop here. Head to the center of Cuevas del Campo and keep on following the main street/road. At the end of the road, you will discover 2 beaches: one for the general public and the other one for nudists.

The beaches contain a lot of pebbles and you get into deep water very quickly. Here is a map with the places I have mentioned so far.

Some more facts and numbers:

  • Volume: 0,57 km³.
  • Surface: 21,7 km².
  • Built in 1984.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The last 2 months Lars and I have been exploring the province of Granada, which explains our inactivity on this website. So far, I think we have covered about a third of the province, so Granada will keep us busy for some more weeks/months. I still have to edit a lot of pictures and videos, but I promise you: it’s worth it! We have really seen some stunning places here. In the meantime, we will (also) post some less recent material from all over Europe.


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