It’s the Belgian National Day today!

Most of the time, I don’t miss Belgium… I have to admit, though, I miss my friends and it looks like it will be difficult for them to visit me here this year. And another thing I miss is certain Belgian foods. Let’s have a look!

Mosselen met Friet (Mussels with French Fries)

With a little bit of trouble, you can find the mussels in a local supermarket. French fries are no problem. The Spanish have a thing or two to learn when it comes to deep-frying the potatoes though… Finally, I pay extra to buy good mayonnaise because I don’t like Spanish brands. They don’t have that full taste that I adore so much.

Tomaat Garnaal (Tomato Stuffed with Shrimps)

All you need are three ingredients: tomatoes, mayonnaise, and shrimps.

The problem is the shrimps. You cannot find the small, delicate ones in Spain. And stuffing your tomatoes with the bigger shrimps… They don’t have the same taste and texture.

Croque Monsieur (and all its variations)

As you can imagine, you won’t find this on any menu here. Luckily, a toasted sandwich with ham and cheese is easy to replicate here! This one with the egg on top is a Croque Madame.

Belgian Beer

Yes, Mercadona and Dia sell Belgian beers. And I also know that in Granada there is a pub with an international selection of beers, including Belgian ones.


So far, I haven’t seen any waffles here. Guess we have to make them ourselves…


Sure, they have chocolate here… But it’s not the same quality!

Maybe, I am too strict. But aren’t we all like that when it comes to our national food?

I will be back on Friday with a post about a magnificent location in the province of Granada.


  1. I completely agree with you about chocolate, when you like the strength of Belgian cocoa, it is difficult to find the equivalent elsewhere.


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