Have you ever experienced that you plan to visit location A and end up exploring location B and be completely impressed? That’s what happened to us in late June.

We had the plan to explore the ruins of a tower, not far from a small village called Huélago.

We are actually not sure whether we found the ruins or not… But the landscape was quite impressive!

The tower we wanted to explore dates from the 14th century. Only 2 of its walls are supposed to be still standing on a hill. Was this what we were looking for?

We didn’t see any road that could bring us closer to this hill. With temperatures rising very quickly, walking towards it seemed to be out of the question.

Lars and I were a bit disappointed and didn’t feel like going home. We had barely been away for an hour and wanted to see something else. Something easier to find, to explore…

After consulting my map of Andalucia, I found a picturesque route from Darro to Belerda, then passing Fonelas and Huélago. Afterward, we would return to Iznalloz. We had no idea what was awaiting us since neither of these places is mentioned in my travel guide.

We still haven’t visited Darro itself, but as soon as we do, we will write about it. We made a video of our excursion and as you will see, in the beginning, there was nothing special about the landscape. But after a couple of minutes…

This dry landscape with canyons and ravines is called badlands. The area around Guadix is one of the very few places in Spain where you can find them. We were not aware of this and thought that outside the USA it was impossible to see something like this. This majestic landscape was a very agreeable surprise, to say the least.

Afterward, we drove through Belerda and Fonelas. I didn’t photograph these two places, but you can see them in the video. Belerda is very small, with about 100 inhabitants. Fonelas is bigger and depends on agriculture and rural tourism.

After Fonelas, the landscape looked like this…

Next, we were off to Huélago. About 400 people call this location their home.

There is always time for beer or wine and a tapa. Spanish pork can be so tasty!

We couldn’t leave Huélago without admiring the central square and its 18th century church.

Check out our video of this itinerary on YouTube!

If you stop regularly to admire the landscapes and to enjoy a beer and a tapa in Fonelas and Huélago, this excursion will keep you busy for the biggest part of the morning or afternoon.

We are taking a short break from excursions now, allowing me enough time to edit the latest pictures and videos! Lars and I are still exploring the province of Granada, but have been in two other provinces as well.

More snaps and posts coming up very soon!


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