Summers can be hot in Belgium. And as soon as temperatures approach 30 degrees Celsius and more, a lot of Belgians will go to the coast. Given the fact that our coastline is less than 70 kilometers long, bigger places like Blankenberge can become quite crowded during (summer) holidays and long weekends.

Part of the popularity of Blankenberge is its easy accessibility. There are many train connections between the town and other major places in Belgium. Moreover, the train station is located in the center.

Next to the train station is a big parking space. Better come early though during sunny days. Blankenberge is also connected to other coastal towns via the Kusttram (literally: Coast Tram).

The biggest attraction in Blankenberge is its art-deco pier, which is 350 meters long.

Originally, Blankenberge was a fishing village. Afterward, at the beginning of the 20th century, it became popular amongst royals. Finally, its development into a touristic destination started after World War II.

What about the titular question? It all depends on what you want… Looking for some relaxation? No problem. Nice food? Heck, this is Belgium we are talking about! Entertainment? Don’t worry about that. Shopping? Check.

The art lover, on the other hand, is better off in another coastal destination, which we will feature in two other posts.

Anyway, a couple of summers ago, Lars and I had a fun afternoon in Blankenberge, as you can clearly see in this video…


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