Although it only takes you three hours and a half to drive from Brussels to Nancy, this French city has a completely different vibe than the Belgian capital. And even though the weather was far from sunny – as you can clearly see in the pictures, Nancy has a certain Mediterranean atmosphere…

Who Is Stanislas?

The square was named after Stanisław Bogusław Leszczyński. In the 18th century, he was King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Duke of Lorraine, of which Nancy at that time was the capital. He was also the father-in-law to the French King, Louis XV.

During his reign, Stanisław was responsible for a lot of urban planning. This square was supposed to link the old town of Nancy with the new one, built in the 18th century after devastating wars. With the Place Stanislas, the Duke also wanted to honor his son-in-law.

Centuries of Changes

The Place Stanislas has changed its name and purpose for many ages. At some point in history, it was called the Place Napoléon, for example. Until 1983, the square served as a car parking area; now it’s a pedestrian space. Festivities usually take place here as well.

More Facts

  • The Place Stanislas is 125 meters long and 106 meters wide.
  • The City Hall, the Fine Arts Museum, Grand Hôtel, and the Opera House call this square their home.
  • Its construction took place from 1752 to 1755.
  • The statue in the middle depicts Stanisław (Stanislas in French).


  1. I agree, Nancy is a very nice city to walk around for a daytrip. It is also possible to be interested in the Ecole de Nancy, an artistic and architectural movement of the early 20th century mixing curves and floral designs.


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