Summers can be really hot in the province of Granada… A visit to the Embalse de Colomera is a way to cool off.

The easiest and fastest way to visit the Colomera Reservoir is by taking the A-44 and then continue on the A-403. But if you don’t mind driving some extra kilometers in a magnificent landscape, then you could try the following (we assume that you come from Granada or the coast):

  • On the A-44, take the exit towards Iznalloz, Guadix, Puerto de Onitar.
  • If you continue right, you can pay us a visit in Iznalloz. If we are at home, you can drink a tinto de verano with us.
  • But we assume that you go left at the exit. Follow the road to Benalúas de las Villas (N-323a).
  • At a certain moment, you will rejoin the A-403.

As you will see in the video, Benalúas de las Villas is actually a cozy town. Anyway, as soon as you have driven through it, you will start seeing glimpses of the reservoir. You will also pass a private resort called Monte y Lago, where you can have access to the water and rent canoes for example. At the moment, it is closed, however.

Continue in the direction of Cauro and at a certain moment, you will see this:

The reservoir was created in 1990 and has a surface of almost 250 square kilometers. It’s located to the north of the town of Colomera and the reservoir of Cubillas. You can easily visit the two reservoirs in one day.

In Cauro itself, you could program your GPS to the Avenida del Embalse.

Afterward, we drove a bit to the northwest, in the direction of Alcala la Real. But a closer look at the map revealed that we would not have time enough to visit this town and its surroundings. So, we changed our minds, headed back south, and drove to the very small municipality of Limones (watch the video!).

And here is the video!

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