If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Granada, consider making this short road trip. It will take about half a day and the itinerary is easy to follow. And you will be rewarded with stunning landscapes, such as on the road to Belerda.

Set your GPS on Marchal, known for its beautiful clay formations. Or you could pay a visit first to Purullena, which is famous for its ceramics. Anyway, Marchal itself is located right next to the GR-4105.

Small and pretty. Have a closer look at those formations…

Something that you see more often in this area: cave houses.

Resume your drive on the GR-4105.

Your next stop should be at Beas de Guadix. Opposite the entrance of the village, you will see a small parking area. Leave your car there and follow the trail called Mirador del Fin del Mundo (viewpoint of the end of the world).

The trail is about a kilometer long and offers spectacular views on the surrounding landscapes and the village of Beas de Guadix.

Now, I am the first to admit that our physical condition isn’t perfect. But a trail of a kilometer should be feasible, right!?!

We kept on climbing…

But in the end, the heat, the steepness of the road, and the dizziness due to our vertigo became too much. We didn’t make it. If you do, you will be rewarded with a view on some spectacular badlands. Yet, Lars and I are not disappointed nor do we see this as a failure. At least, we tried.

Anyway, back on the GR-4105. On the road towards Lugros…

Lugros is really picturesque and has a tiny central plaza. Too bad we could not get rid of our car there. And take photographs. But you can see it in our video.

Keep on following the main road. Once you have left Lugros, you will see landscapes like these:

I didn’t see the pooch at first, he almost blended in with the landscape.

At a certain moment, there was a lot of traffic… Again, check the video!

And if you can build a house in a cave, why not a hotel?

The first and the last pictures might suggest that we are in the middle of nowhere, but you are actually not that far from Guadix. Check out their website!

Here are the places mentioned in this article on a map:

And last but not least, here is the video.

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