Before we settled in the province of Granada, we lived in the neighboring province of Malaga. Lars and I were very happy there, in our whitewashed house, with its rooftop terrace where we had many BBQs… Unfortunately, after some time, we were confronted with some severe humidity problems. And since Lars tends to be asthmatic, we had to move house. Why the Viking and I ended up in Iznalloz, that’s for another article…

During those 6 months in Malaga, we had enough time to do some exploring. To be honest, in the beginning, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, because we had to get used to a very different life in a new country. But after some time, the travelers in us became restless. And we have to admit that there were places that soon became favorites. Here are 5 of them!


What is more interesting than a white village? Very simple: a white village that produces its own wine! We visited Cómpeta on numerous occasions, and not only for sightseeing purposes… It was pure joy to sit at one of the bars at the central square and sip a glass of white or red local wine. And have a tapa, of course! By the way, I took the following picture in the month of November when it was still warm enough to sit outside and enjoy life at the fullest…


If you cannot get enough of picturesque white villages, then a visit to Comares should be on your todo list. Its central plaza is very small and you have to be extremely lucky to find a space to park your car there. And once you have done so, don’t start to behave like the average tourist. Take your time to explore the narrow – and sometimes very steep – streets. Have some tapas. Enjoy a beer…

Bioparc Fuengirola

Fuengirola is one of the most popular places in the Costa del Sol. I associate it with family holidays and dining in restaurants serving local food – grilled “gambas” for my mother and mixed paella for my father and myself. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I discovered that in the heart of this crowded and busy town there is actually a quiet corner with a zoo!

El Refugio del Burrito

If you are an animal lover who supports organizations taking care of abandoned and/or abused animals, then you have to visit this place devoted to donkeys and mules who have found a new home after a miserable life. El Refugio del Burrito teaches you everything you want to know but were afraid to ask about its inhabitants.

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

Granted, Fuente de Piedra is quite far away from the coast, but you can combine a visit to the abovementioned Donkey Refuge with a stop at a lagoon where you can observe flamingoes. Go to the visitor center first and (try to) join a guided tour. And in between the two, enjoy a cold drink in the small town itself.

What about you? Have you been to any of these places? If not, would you like to visit any of them?


  1. I cannot get enough of white towns, I particularly appreciate your post with ideas of visits that are out of the usual destinations. Thank you for this ray of sunshine.


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