One of the closest municipalities to Iznalloz is Deifontes. With its 2600 inhabitants, it’s quite smaller than our hometown (about 7000 people).

Whenever Lars and I crossed the Sierra Arana, we always ended up in Deifontes. In the beginning, we wrongly assumed that there was nothing to see here. Until one day, we discovered the Parque El Nacimiento…

The park is located about a kilometer from the center of the village, at what used to be the road from Granada to Úbeda and Baeza. Nowadays, it’s a meeting place with a restaurant at the same location. During the hot days of summer, it’s the perfect spot to cool off…

Address: GR-3423, 69, 18570 Deifontes.

Open every day during summer, otherwise only during the weekend.

If I am not mistaken, there is a bodega in Deifontes. If there is a possibility of a visit in English, we will certainly have a look there. Otherwise, there are lots of other places in the province of Granada where we can taste some wine!

Up on the website next week: a stunning place in Belgium and a famous spot in Italy!

Now that Lars and I have recovered from our visit to Cordoba, the travelers in us feel the urge to explore again. Tomorrow, you can find us somewhere in the province of Malaga! What about you? Any wild plans for the weekend? Any exploring?


      1. Not too bad. New more cautious regulations came in today but tourists are not as many as there were. The main threat is to the economy 😒💕


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