Some of the most exciting travel experiences I have had (with and without Lars) so far:

  • Spending the night in the desert of the South of Tunisia.
  • Standing on the Odessa Stairs.
  • Tasting wines in Chisinau.
  • Driving around in Monument Valley.
  • Enjoying a beer spa in the Czech Republic.

When the coronavirus hit Spain, the Viking and I thought – and were even convinced -that we were looking forward to a very calm summer… A summer with very limited travel. A summer without thrilling new experiences. And even a summer without tapas…

But experience has proven us wrong! Quite unexpectedly, for example, we found ourselves in the beautiful town of Güejar Sierra. Afterward, Lars and I arrived in a stunning landscape that resembled Switzerland a bit. But it was the narrow and curvy road that we followed for a long time that proved to be a real challenge…

And the best is yet to come…

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