Current weather conditions in Iznalloz: partially cloudy. There was even a bit of rain earlier this morning. Predicted temperature for today: 29 °C degrees (84 °F for our American friends).

Now, in a lot of countries to the north of us, these temperatures are typical for summer. During “our” summer, however, we had temperatures around 38 °C degrees (100 °F). So, for Lars and me, it’s clear that autumn has arrived. The nights are also chillier, sunset comes earlier, schools have started again,…

Things I will miss from summer:

  • Watching the sunrise on our terrace while eating chocolate croissants and sipping orange juice.
  • Eating dinner on our terrace.
  • Come out of the shower and let my hair dry in the sunshine.
  • Enjoying the cool of our apartment during the heat of the afternoon.
  • Watching our neighbors enjoy life.
  • Apply sun lotion as a daily body lotion.
  • Drinking a very cold beer anywhere

Things we could not enjoy this summer (because of a certain virus):

  • Travel abroad. We could have done so (maybe), but chose not to, because of all the travel regulations.
  • Going to the beach. Again, we could have done so. But going to the beach implies being at ease, which – at least for us – is difficult when you have to wear a mouth mask.
  • Enjoying the swimming pool here. It was simply closed all the time.

But, of course, summer will return… Next year, we will enjoy the swimming pool and the beach so much more!

Let’s have a look at some Summer Sunset Memories of 2018 (Torrox):

Finally, autumn has its advantages as well:

  • Let’s BBQ again! During summer, it was simply too hot.
  • A bigger diversity in excursions. We often sought refuge in nature, because that is where we could cool down! Now, we can concentrate more on towns and villages.
  • Spend more time outside in the afternoon!
  • Goodbye, mosquitoes!

Where shall we take you next? Poland? Albania? Romania?

What about you? How did you enjoy the summer? Any things you missed? Do you have any plans for autumn? Let us know in the comments!


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