Even without giving away the name of the location, I guess you know what touristic hotspot I am talking about. Indeed, the Paris Catacombs! It has been the subject of intriguing documentaries and horror movies (like the not so great As Above, So Below). Moreover, look for the catacombs on YouTube, and you will see that everybody involved in urbex has explored them and made a video of their adventure.

I’m not going to lie, so did we…

Some facts and numbers:

  • Established in 1810.
  • Contains the remains of more than 6 million people.
  • Location: Place Denfert-Rochereau.
  • About 480.000 yearly visitors.
  • During World War II, members of the French Resistance took refuge here. On the other hand, the Nazis built a bunker there as well.
  • As Above, So Below received permission from the French government to film in the catacombs and was the first to do so.

Our Video

Check it out on our YouTube channel. And while you’re there, give us a like and subscribe!

And the Pictures?

Well, they are gone…

I have one external hard disk with all my pictures from 2009 until 2015 included and another one with all the pictures I took in 2016. The latter didn’t survive the move from Belgium to Spain…

Anyway, the place looks like this…

Photo by Felipe Hueb on Pexels.com

Some practical information:

  • The best way to move around in Paris is by taking public transport. It’s also the easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to go to the Catacombs. Get on metro lines 4 or 6, direction Denfert-Rochereau or use the RER, line B.
  • The best way to avoid the crowds is NOT by coming early in the morning. Sounds contradictory, but believe us! Come in the beginning or middle of the afternoon. You could of course pay to skip the line, but it is not worth its money… A guided tour can be interesting but is the most expensive option for a visit.
  • Have a look at their official website, in case you want more historical information.

And What About This?

You decide to spice up your life and visit the Catacombs the illegal way. We hate to disappoint you, but then there is a pretty good chance that you end up like this guy…

Coming on the website next week… Good news, I have just finished editing the video for the second part of our series about the Sierra de Huétor! Furthermore, we will show you a beautiful religious location somewhere in Poland. And our favorite place in Bruges!

What about you? Have you visited the Catacombs in Paris? If not, would you consider doing so? And for those who have been there: did you experience anything out of the ordinary or even paranormal? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I have been there. I enjoyed it very much except for the long queue to get down there. Stopped by a glorious Italian restaurant and did some shopping in the area once we surfaces. It was certainly unusual and macabre but worth a visit.


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