Unfortunately, we have to start this post with some bad news. Just before the weekend, the Ayuntamiento of Iznalloz announced on its Facebook page that there are 6 new cases here of the COVID-virus. You might think that this is a low number – after all, our hometown only has about 7.000 inhabitants. But during the lockdown, the total number of victims was less than 20! To be honest, we are a little concerned… If numbers keep on rising, the municipality will restart disinfecting the streets and might also consider going back to Fase 1. Let’s hope for the best…

Our snap of the day brings us to an area that Lars and I have just started exploring: the Sierra de Cazorla! And our first exploration was very promising, to say the least. Just look at this picture, it almost looks idyllic!

For the record, Lars and I are doing fine! No health problems whatsoever – apart from my sore knee, that is. But, later this week, we are on the road again!

What about you? Has the virus returned where you live? And if so, how does it affect you? And have you ever been to the Sierra de Cazorla?


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