Today, we take you to one of our favorite countries, Albania. The Blue Eye is a natural phenomenon, that attracts a lot of local and international tourists.

Blue Eye is actually a water spring, located near the village of Muzinë. The biggest nearest town is Sarandë (where we were staying at that time).

Some facts and numbers:

  • Albanian name is “Syri i Kaltër”.
  • It’s the initial water source of the Bistricë river.
  • At least 50m deep.

Our GPS only covered the north of Albania, whereas our destination was located in the south. Luckily, a couple of local men showed us the right direction.

You find yourself in an environment surrounded by oaks and sycamore trees.

There is a coming and going of visitors; with a bit of patience, you can have the place to your own.

That blue is simply gorgeous! I had never seen anything this… blue!

Is a visit to the Blue Eye worth it? If you like a fascinating natural phenomenon, then yes. But it won’t keep you busy for a long time. Better combine this with a stroll in the center of Sarandë.

Have you ever been to Albania? Would you consider ever going there?


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