Remember this? Lars and I wanted to return, to see how the colors of autumn would impact the landscape.

We started our excursion in Belerda. Nature certainly did not disappoint us! Look at that red, yellow, green. and blue!

After Belerda, we drove to the road that connects Marchal with Lugros.

More autumn colors on display here… The sun can be so harsh during summer; now the quality of the light is so different.

During our first excursion, we didn’t manage to spend some time in Lugros. This time, we were luckier!

First priority: drink and eat! First, a tapa which was cheese with olive oil, afterward, a racion of “patatas a lo pobre”, potatoes with onion and eggs.

Time for some exploring. Lugros only has 300 inhabitants, and as such is rather small, but charming.

This was the last excursion we have made. Lars and I are back in lockdown, but less tough than the first one. We can still go shopping, but bars and restaurants are closed. And we still cannot leave Iznalloz… But, don’t worry, we still have some ideas and we have so much to share with you!


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