One of the most spectacular sights in our hometown is the Castillo, whose remains date from the Arab times.

First, a couple of pictures taken from the main road:

Starting from the church, you can easily climb the streets and look at the ruins. And if you are not afraid of narrow and steep streets, you can get there by car as well.

Only 2 or 3 walls are left…

Too bad that the local population built their houses right next to it! Try to imagine the 14th century when the Christian and the Arab kingdoms fought each other here.

Can we all agree that this is a gorgeous view?

Iznalloz in all its glory!

It was time again for some necessary refreshments!

In La Ruta, you can choose tapas from a blackboard. This is asparagus revuelto.

Sharing grilled calamari.

Salmorejo for me (cold tomato soup with eggs and ham).

Patatas bravas para el vikingo. (potatoes with a hot sauce and some aioli)

Omelet with shrimps.

La Ruta is located right next to La Taberna. At the moment, because of the lockdown, all bars and restaurants are closed again.

What about you? Can you see yourself eating tapas in a small town, far from the coast? Do you like “tapear”?


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