Oh, yes! And in a good way! Let’s have a look.

Slower Rhythm of Life

Looking back on our life in Belgium, it seems like we were always in a rush. At work. At home, In the supermarket. During our travels. We were always rushing…

But here? No. Yet, it’s not like that we are on holiday here. I write. I blog. I photograph. Lars plans. Lars drives. And guess what? In a country where during at least 6 months it’s hot, you don’t feel like rushing. And especially during these months, we even take a siesta.


Better Physical and Mental Health

As a result, our health has improved a lot. I have not been physically ill ever since we arrived here. Lars maybe 2 or 3 times. In Belgium, I always had health problems. A cold. A flue. A throat and/or ear infection. Intestinal problems. And it’s because of the stress and the rushing…

And our mental health? We know that we will always have to take our anti-depressants. I also know that my ASD will never disappear. But the best thing is that I have finally accepted that. I am an aspie and I cannot change that. And if anyone has a problem with this, I refuse to make it my problem.

But there are 2 things I am even more grateful for. I no longer hear voices in my head. And I haven’t seen any shadow people. There was so much chaos in my head back in Belgium. And now, most of it is gone. No more dark clouds in my brain.

Moving Inland

Best decision of this year: moving to Iznalloz. We are now about 25 kilometers to the north of Granada. But:

  • The coast is only an hour away.
  • In our apartment complex, there is a communal pool.
  • Hardly any tourists.
  • Cheaper way of life.
  • So much tranquility!

Advice to anyone who wants to live here: go inland, to a big village. You will have all the amenities and your quality of life will improve!

No More Restaurants

How is that an advantage?

The answer is simple… TAPAS! And in the province of Granada: FREE TAPAS!

What Have We Learned So Far?

  • Try to adapt as much as possible.
  • They really don’t put any chorizo in paella.
  • Spanish men are so handsome. As an aspie, I don’t like to be touched by people I hardly know. But the man who runs the pharmacy here may always give me a hug!
  • Some Spanish women are beautiful (opinion of the Viking).
  • You will always find a bar here where the tapas are bigger.
  • Spanish watermelon is so much sweeter!

Later this month, we will tell you how you can cope with anxiety and stress when you have a mental condition and want to move to another country. In our next post this week, we will take you to Odessa!

Hasta luego, amigos!


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