Since the end of October, we have not been able to make any excursions, because of new COVID-19 regulations. One of the new rules said that we were not allowed to leave our municipality. The second wave hit very hard here in Iznalloz; but instead of a complete lockdown, we now had a partial one. I could at least go grocery shopping with Lars, something that was impossible during the first lockdown.

After a month, we realized that a part of the Sierra Arana was located in Iznalloz. In theory, this could mean that we could do some exploring and photographing there. We checked with the local authorities and received the confirmation that we were right.

Green Mountains

First, here is some information about the Sierra Arana.

Wednesday 2 December. Sunny weather, very mild temperatures. We first drove on the Calle Ganivet (one of the main streets here) and then on the GR-4103. In a very sharp curve, we stopped, so I could walk down a path and take some pictures.

This is what I saw, green mountains.

Those last 2 pictures are my favorites of that day, I felt as if I was walking at the bottom of a small canyon!

Last week, bars, restaurants, and non-essential shops reopened again. You know what that means: a nice cold drink and tapas!

White Mountains

On Friday, the weather changed considerably. Temperatures went down a lot, and rain came, followed by snow. In our hometown, you could see no snow at all, but in the mountains… yes!

Bear in mind, dear readers, that in Belgium and Denmark, there are no mountains at all. And in Brussels, where we used to live, you hardly see any snow. So, the combination of the two is a magnificent sight for us!

When we left our apartment, we saw this…

First we drove back to the place I had photographed on Wednesday.

It would be nice if we could come a bit closer. We turned around, to the center of Iznalloz and then to the Carretera la sierra.

When you see a sign that says “Barranco de los Diablos”, go right.

The first thing we noticed, was a group of dogs. Not so friendly dogs…

I got back into the car and in the background, we could see the reason for the vigilant behavior of the dogs. A lot of goats…

We continued until we saw the ruins of a small house.

This time a big, fluffy pooch approached us. He seemed nice. At least, he didn’t growl at me.

And after some time, he lost interest in us and went back home. Bye pooch!

We turned around and went back to the carretera.

When we passed the goats’ farm again, we noticed that all the animals were gone.

The carretera is actually a dead-end road… with magnificent views.

That’s it for today!

Two remarks:

  • Most of the snow is now gone.
  • From tomorrow on, we can explore the province of Granada again. Sunday, we are on the road again!

What about you? Do you live in a country with or without mountains? Do you like mountains? With or without snow?

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