Have a look at this text first, before reading this post.

Here is Part 1.

Let’s recuperate: in the first part, we showed you an alternative route via Iznalloz, Huélago and Villanueva de las Torres. If you don’t have time to visit the latter, program the GPS for Gorafe after Huélago.


Usually, I describe (white) villages as picturesque or cute, but Gorafe belongs to the category ‘spectacular’.

Gorafe is known for its cave houses and about 200 dolmens. If you want to know more about these, better visit the Megalithic Interpretation Centre, situated in the Calle de Granada, 1. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, to 12pm and to 5pm. Entrance fee is 3 euros.

As you can see in the third picture, some of the more or less 500 locals still live in cave houses.

Towards the Top of the Cliff

You can indeed go to the top of the cliff; just follow the Calle la Mina. Be aware that after some time, this street turns into a steep and narrow dirt road. At a certain point, Lars didn’t feel safe anymore, so I continued on foot.

It was quite a climb, but seeing Gorafe from another point of view was certainly worth it!

To the Dolmens

When you leave the village, make sure you are driving on the GR-6100, direction south (to the freeway A-92). Not far from the official entrance of the Megalithic Park, you can see this:

You are looking at some remains of the people who lived in this area 30.000 to 50.000 years ago!

The Megalithic Park

If you love anything prehistoric, this is a place to see. Keep on following the GR-6100, and at your left you will see the entrance.

A first look…

Interesting archeological findings and impressive landscapes, what more do you want?

The dolmens that I have mentioned a couple of times are ancient burial monuments.

Make sure to come back tomorrow, because then we show you pictures of our biggest adventure of 2020!


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