If you ever find yourself in the province of Almeria, you will probably end up in the Cabo de Gata Nature Reserve. But is it worth it?

Our answer is very simple: it depends on the season. Lars and I went there in the beginning of August, which was a big mistake! Way too many tourists. It was very hard to find a parking spot, and thus we couldn’t see as much as we had planned. Nevertheless, when the pandemic is over, we plan to go back.

The itinerary that we followed took about half a day.

La Almadraba de Monteleva

This was our first stop, and it was here that we soon realized what a popular destination Cabo de Gata is. No shortage of accommodation here… Finding parking space was a challenge that we had to give up.

Cabo de Gata

Here we were luckier. There was a coming and going of cars, and we soon found a place to park ours.

This cape was certainly a beautiful spot. To be revisited!

Salinas de Acosta

These salt works have Roman origins and attract a lot of birds. They are located not far from La Almadraba de Monteleva.

If you are a nature lover, we highly recommend this place!

San José

And then we ran out of luck again. What used to be fishing villages are now big tourist towns with all the accommodation and entertainment you need. In San José I managed to take a handful of pictures:

We also tried to go to another place (Las Negras), but there was so much traffic that we even couldn’t get into the town itself… At least, we saw some beautiful landscapes on our route!

And then we gave up. We were frustrated. And hungry. I am not ashamed to say it, but we failed. At least, we tried. As we have said earlier, when this pandemic is over, we are going back though. And then we will first find a tourist information office and plan a better itinerary.

Later this week, we will take you to another corner of Spain!


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