This article mentions certain mental issues. If you are unfamiliar with this subject, better have a look here first.

What a lucky duck Lars was last year… While I had to celebrate my birthday during a strict lockdown, he could celebrate his in one of the most picturesque towns of Córdoba!

The thermometer indicated 42 Celsius degrees (107 Fahrenheit) when we drove to the center of the small town. For once, we were lucky; we found a parking space right in front of a restaurant!

Although the interior looked very beautiful and cool, we decided to sit outside. A huge umbrella and tress shielded us from the sunshine.

Lars decided to take one of the local specialties, ox tail.

Braised in tomato sauce

Quite a generous portion…

Do you think he liked it?!

I am a foodie as well and in bars and restaurants I will always try local specialities. But the aspie in me is hypersensitive. And when it comes to food, I have a problem with meat containing a lot of fat. If I do try to eat it, it will make me vomit. And since I didn’t know what to expect from ox tail, I had to go with a safe option: small peppers stuffed with fish mousse.

Not a local dish, but certainly one of the tastiest meals of 2020.

Time for some sightseeing. We were near a very cute small square and a parish church.

The origins of Montoro go back to Roman times and maybe even earlier.

On the main street leading to the center of the town.

Important advice: don’t visit Montoro on a Tuesday! It’s market day, and then you can hardly admire the magnificent Plaza de Espana. Have a look at the City Hall and San Bartolome Church.

And then back to our car.

A visit to Montoro will take about half a day. You can then go back to Córdoba and do some more sightseeing there. Or explore the alternative that we will present to you in our next article. I am not sure when I can write here again, since I have 2 articles coming up on MovieBabble.

Did you miss the first part of this series? You can find it here.


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