After a couple of interruptions, we continue with our series about Córdoba. Here are Part 1 and Part 2.

On the following map, I show you the destinations we have explored so far and the ones of destinations of today:

At the end of Part 2, we suggested that you could either spend the rest of the day in Córdoba itself or follow an alternative route. This is what we did. We programmed our GPS for Adamuz and then drove on the A-3001. You are now in the Sierra Morena and more specifically, in the Sierra de Cardeña-Montoro. This is maybe not the best-known natural park, but believe me, if you like beautiful landscapes, we recommend this.

The road can be narrow, which is the reason why we didn’t stop and make pictures. However, I did manage to make a video! At the end of the A-3001, go left and drive to Obejo, a picturesque white village with some of the narrowest streets we have seen so far.

Just look at these pictures!

Picturesque = splashes of color and a photogenic dog.

Next to the cute church, there is a mirador, where you can enjoy some magnificent vistas.

This is certainly an off-the beaten-path destination, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

And here is the video I made of our adventure:

See you later this week!

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