This post deals with mental health issues. Read this text first.

Wednesday 17 February. Temperature 23 C grades (= 74 F grades). Time for the Viking to prepare himself.

Look at the weather!

The table is ready! Viking looks very concentrated.

Apart from my grandmother’s china, there isn’t much on the table. That will soon change.

Some ingredients…

I know it’s not summer yet, but we were both in the mood for some tinto de verano. By the way, I think we should have cleaned the table first…

Time for the potatoes and green peppers to go on the BBQ.

What’s in the mystery bag?

This is a Viking making garlic butter. Simple but oh so delicious! The butter, I mean…

Peppers arriving at the table.

The meat! Lars wanted a giant steak. The aspie in me had some troubles with that; I have the impression that the cut of the meat is different here in Spain. It simply doesn’t taste the same as in Belgium, so I stuck with hamburgers.

New arrival: a mixed salad.

I must have looked very hungry toward the Viking…

Steak is ready. Even I had to admit that it looked delicious.

Let’s attack!

You can even prepare dessert on a BBQ: grilled slices of pineapple. The fruit becomes less acidic and goes well with some whipped cream.

Later this week, we take you back to the province of Córdoba!


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