It’s a bit more than a year now that the Randonautica app was launched and in the meantime it has taken over YouTube, Reddit and TikTok by storm. It now mainly attracts young people, who use it to explore creepy/haunted/spooky locations. We want to prove that anyone can use it and that the app can be a fascinating way to (re)discover a certain place.

What is it?

The official website ( states it like this:

RANDONAUTICA is the world’s first quantumly generated Choose Your Own Adventure reality game. Explore the world you never knew existed. 

Randonautica is a combination of a game, “science”, and art. There is indeed a whole theory behind the app, but we advise you to use your common sense. Yes, the app generates certain coordinates. But the makers want you to believe that these coordinates are controlled by your thoughts! Or as the website Pocket Tactics explains it:

Randonautica is a mobile app that uses a quantum random number generator to give you a set of coordinates for your local area. The idea is to encourage you to explore your area with an idea in mind of what you’d like to come across. It could be something simple as seeing something worth taking a photo of, or something more complex like an answer to a question you’ve been pondering.

The app does encourage you to be a responsible “randonaut”: don’t go exploring during the night, do not invade private property, don’t do this alone, … In other words: be respectful and (again) use your common sense, don’t take unnecessary risks. But isn’t that what you are supposed to do during any excursion?

How to use the app

Simple: download it and register, enable the GPS, indicate the radius within which you want to do some exploring. We usually put it on its maximum, which is 10 km.

After that, you’ll be asked if you’d like to visit an attractor, void, or anomaly. An attractor is a spot the app deems has the highest concentration of quantum dots, whereas a void is the least. An anomaly is the strongest pick of those two different options.

Pocket Tactics

The final thing to do is to state your “intention” as the makers put it. That’s simply your purpose. The app will then generate a set of coordinates and will redirect you to Google Maps. Let the adventure begin!

Test run 1

Lars and I decided to run 2 tests. Mainly to see if the app really worked! We chose our hometown Iznalloz as the location:

Lars chose the intention: sunset. The app took us to a dirt road that leads to a shooting domain. We had always thought that this road stopped there, so we were surprised when the app encouraged to keep on following it. This is where we ended up:

Literally in the middle of nowhere! Yet, a popular destination for hikers and people letting their dog(s) out.

Less than a week later, we were back. After all, we wanted to see a sunset! Is it worth it? Judge for yourself!

We drove a little further on the road, so we could park our car without blocking other people. Again, we saw hikers and people with their furry friends.

As you can see on the first set of pictures, they are currently cutting down a lot of trees. If that was not the case, there would not be much of a sunset to admire and to photograph. We can’t help but asking ourselves: how does the app “know” this? Or was this destination mere coincidence? And there are of course numerous other locations in our hometown where you can see a beautiful sunset.

But there is no denying: the app did lead us to a very beautiful spot. A location that was also unknown to us. And we did see a spectacular sunset.

Test run 2

Destination: Cauro.

The Map Block does not know Cauro. It’s a very small village, not far from Colomera, right next to the Embalse de Colomera.

This time I chose the intention: bear. Don’t ask my why, it was the first word that crossed my mind.

At first, the app did not work, because there was no internet connection. When we came closer to the reservoir, the app functioned again. This time, it led us to a spot between Cauro and Colomera: a field of olive trees.

Again, nice surroundings, but where is the bear? The olive trees have an owner, so we couldn’t come any closer. But in the distance I saw a rock formation…

Doesn’t that big rock resemble a (sitting) bear????

Anyway, I did a lot of research afterwards, and I could not find any connection between Cauro and a bear… Let’s conclude that the journey this time was more interesting than the destination itself. After all, the app encourages you to go outside and do some exploring.

In the meantime, we have made had our first official Randonautica adventure! With surprising and fascinating results! I still have to edit the video, so that will be for another time.


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