August 2018. We had barely arrived in Spain and gotten used to our new life. And travel fever struck again. Lars had never been to Portugal before and that was about to change.

Our first stop on our car trip was in the village of Cacela Velha.

Cacela Velha is a small village known for its beach, laguna, and, old fortress.

The natural surroundings and the absence of high-rise buildings attract both a lot of local and international tourists.

For me, the last time I had been to Portugal was in 1995. And I was unprepared for how touristic it had become in the meantime. Luckily, Lars and I always find a quiet spot to enjoy life.

Later this week, we will take you to another corner in Europe! Moreover, we have now made 2 official Randonautica trips, but I still have to edit the videos. I hope to do that this weekend! And last but not least, yesterday, Lars and I found a stunning mountain road here in the Sierra Arana!

In other words, lots and lots of adventures coming up! Keep an eye on our website!


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