I know, I know,… Only one post last week, but we spent most of our time on the road. And we had a tremendous time in the nearby mountains. More about that soon on this website!

The post of today brings us back to the past: summer of 2010. 4 weeks on the road, driving around in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and Croatia. In the latter destination, Lars and I spent a week in a small, cute hotel. We made lots of excursions, including to Nin.

Nin was settled about 10,000 years ago. Later, it became the center of Christian bishops and the seat of the Princes of Dalmatia.

The historical center of Nin has a very picturesque location; it’s situated on a small island (about 500 m in diameter). No need to take a boat, it’s connected to the mainland via 2 bridges.

We had a nice stroll, first stopping at a local church.

Quite impressive… So were the Roman ruins.

One last look and a cold beer…

Get ready for our first official randonautica adventure later this week!


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