In case you have no idea what randonautica is, have a look at this post first.

The Location(s)

This is what we had in mind:

It was our plan to follow the A-4050 from Freila (not mentioned on the map), all the way south to Otivar. It’s quite a spectacular road, located in the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama.

The app had other plans:

We programmed the app about 5 kilometers before we reached Freila. Instead of continuing on the A-4050 (to Otivar), we found ourselves on a dirt road to Padul and Durcal.

The Intention

During the three years that we have been driving around in Andalusia, Lars and I have seen lots of traffic signs warning us about cows crossing the road. But the animals themselves? That’s right, we rarely saw any cows. Were they hiding from us?

Especially Lars has been puzzled by this mystery of the missing cows. And since he is the one who chooses the intention, it was quite obvious that he opted for “cows”.

The Results

We first drove on a dirt road, in hilly surroundings, with lots and lots of olive and fruit trees. About 3 or 4 kilometers before arriving in Padul, we were on an asphalt road again. Out of the blue, we had a very agreeable encounter… Unfortunately, I did something wrong with our action cam and did not record the event on video. My apologies.

Lars and I were a bit surprised that the app kept on directing us to Padul and Durcal. Two reasons:

  1. It wasn’t necessary anymore, after our encounter.
  2. The two small towns are not exactly known for their rural surroundings.

When we crossed Padul, we saw these two:

To be honest, it took me some time before I realized that they both wear a mouth mask!

They refer to the Laguna in Padul, where remains of mammoths have been dug up. The Laguna is a very beautiful location, but is hard to find, due to lack of road signs. Read this article, and you will find it no time!

In the end, we ended up on a mountain road in Durcal:

I am not going to deny, these are some magnificent landscapes, but we didn’t see the link with our intention. The only animal we saw was a dog, which belonged to two hikers.

Back at home, after some research, we discovered a connection. Durcal is known for its legend of the Golden Cow! It was made by Muslims, who hid the statue – of a golden cow, with horns of ivory and eyes of diamond – in a cave. They were afraid that Christians were going to steal it. This cave still exists, but has been plundered and vandalized during many centuries. Moreover, it’s not located near this mountain road, but rather at the other side of town, in a valley.

Not a bad result, I would say. Or is it all coincidence?

The Video

I know, I know, the video is not perfect. I promise we will get better!

The Aftermath

Maybe you have become curious about our original destination, the A-4050 from Freila to Otivar. Well… so were we!

Not far from Freila, Lars and I saw many abandoned houses.

Driving in the mountains is a big delight.

More randonautica next week! Other locations, other intentions!

What about you? What do you think about randonautica? Would you like to experience a randonautica adventure yourself?

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