Sounds a bit ominous, no? You will understand better when I explain the difference between Easter 2020 and the one of this year.

Last year, Easter fell in a (long) period of complete lockdown. And that had some serious consequences:

  • The supermarkets were plundered. Hence, buying all the necessary ingredients for a good meal during the Easter period was simply impossible.
  • I was not allowed to accompany Lars to the supermarket, so I could not come up with an alternative for our menu. Heck, the only thing I was allowed to do was to put the garbage outside.

Lars and I made do with the produce that we could find. And the meal wasn’t bad. It just didn’t feel festive…

However, this year, the situation was completely different. We have most of our freedom again and people don’t behave as if being attacked by zombies during their grocery shopping. And that had some really nice consequences.

Wednesday 31 March

With temperatures feeling more like summer than spring, we decided to have a BBQ again! We preferred to use seafood instead of meat. Lars and I opted for calamari stuffed with feta, chives, lemon rind, and some lemon juice as well. While the BBQ was doing its thing, we enjoyed some tinto de verano.

We served the stuffed calamari and baked potatoes with garlic butter. No need to buy some ready-made garlic butter, since it’s so easy to prepare it yourself. You can easily mix butter at home temperature with the desired amount of pressed garlic.

Dessert was also simple: grilled slices of pineapple with whipped cream!

Thursday 1 April

Curry is something we often make. We don’t use curry powder, but curry paste. In Granada itself, there is an Asian supermarket where we can buy different kinds of curry paste, light/dark soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, and so on. It’s called Family Market, Calle Alhamar 27, 18005 Granada. Not easy to get rid of your car there, but they have all the Asian products we need!

Have a look at these pictures:

Yellow shrimp curry with green asparagus and mushrooms. Yummy!

Friday 2 April

Time for some classic French cooking! Sole Meunière, sole (fillet) with butter sauce, parsley, and lemon. This is one of my favorite Belgian dishes.

Easy to make, yet so delicious!

Easter Weekend

Jambalaya, the Creole version of paella!

Chicken, smoked sausage, shrimps, celery, green peppers, rice, onion, and cajun spices are the main ingredients. Here in Iznalloz, we cannot find such spices, but in the spice shops around the Cathedral of Granada we can!

Because we love jambalaya so much, we always make enough for 2 days.

As you can see, we had a lovely time this Easter. Lovely weather and yummy food, from all over the world. Later this week, we will publish our second randonautica adventure!

What about you? How was your Easter? Did you have fun? What did you eat?


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