6 weeks. That’s how long we have been using the Randonautica app. 6 weeks of fun, exploring and interesting discoveries. But also… frustration!

The Locations

The first location we chose was our hometown of Iznalloz. Until then, we had made this choice twice while experimenting with the app. And twice it sent us to more or less the same location. Lars and I found that very odd and wondered where exactly we would end up when we chose our village again.

Anyway, we spent the whole afternoon in the following area:

This is the area formed by the triangle of Iznalloz, Domingo Perez, and Piñar. For your information, Granada is about 25 kilometers to the south of our hometown.

The Intention

As usual, Lars chose the intention: wildlife. Until today, I am not quite sure what animal(s) Lars wanted to see…

Anyway, at that moment, it sounded interesting enough. Would we discover a horse refuge? Or meet a shepherd and his flock of sheep/goats?

The Results

Let’s start with the good news! The app finally sent us to a completely different location in Iznalloz.

And now the bad news… That location was a small factory. We didn’t see (or hear) any animals at all. Moreover, most of what we did see were olive and fruit trees.

Basically, we struggled with 2 problems:

  • The point that the app generated was on private property.
  • We couldn’t reach the destination because the road was in a terrible condition.

One failed attempt? No problem. Two bad results? Let’s hope for the best. Three? Are you kidding me!? Finally, at this beautiful spot, we stopped and decided to call it quits. Five attempts were enough.

It would have been nice if there had been a frog in that water. Funny detail: when driving from location 1 to 2, we crossed a huge truck filled with… pigs! Was that a sign from heaven?

The Aftermath

We decided not to make a video this time, because we can’t show you much. And starting every segment with the sentence “We can’t reach our destination” is not very exciting either.

On the other hand, although we couldn’t reach our goal, we had fun. And that counts too!

More Randonautica adventures next week! On Friday, we are back in another corner of Europe.

What about you? Have you had any bad experiences with the Randonautica app? Would you write about them on your website or not?


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