13 months. That’s how long it is that we live in Iznalloz. And we are still not used to the sight of the mountains.

Of course, we both come from countries where there are no mountains. The highest point in Belgium is a little less than 700 meters high. This means that here in Iznalloz – about 850 meters high – we live higher than we ever could in Belgium!

Denmark is even flatter. Its highest point is located at around 200 meters.

The way the mountains look changes very often. It depends on the season, the weather conditions, and the time of the day.

Peña de la Cruz. That’s the name of the highest peak of the Sierra Arana (2027 meters high).

Slowly, you reach a height of 1100 meters.

The road becomes more and more narrow, steeper and steeper. Finally, you find yourself at a height of more than 1600 meters.

Take your time to admire the landscapes.

So much beauty, so much silence.

We could see cars and trucks drive on the nearest freeway, but we could not hear any noise.

A picnic with a view and a multitude of peaks.

The time came to say goodbye to this magnificent world of silence.

See you later this week for more content!

What about you? Do you prefer the mountains or the sea? Or both? Do you like to drive around on mountain roads?


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